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Kat is taking SOUL 139 to Guatemala in September.

The mission is still the same, to Pamper & Empower those less fortunate than us & SOUL 139 will continue to be an outreach program here in Charlotte. Sonshine Britton & Megan Cheves have been heading up the bi-monthly events to serve ministries in our city and they will continue to do so, as well as continue to serve at One7 monthly.  

  Kat is planning for a year and will see what God does during that time. If all goes well, it may end up being longer. 

 She has made connections with two different children’s homes, Casa Aleluya, and Village of Hope & will be going to cut hair at these homes on a regular basis. God has also opened the door with two other ministries in Guatemala, Lemonade International & Light of the Nations. She plans to go and meet with the founders once she get's settled. The intention is to serve their community of people with haircuts, but also to teach the skill of cutting hair, so that some can make a living and provide for their families. They can do hair anywhere! 

The long term goal is to provide hair starter kits for the people that she teaches, as well as have stylists from the Charlotte area to raise funds through SOUL 139 to come on missions trips and do hair in Guatemala!

So aside from the work in our city, SOUL 139 will now be a fundraising tool to cover program expenses for teaching, hair supplies, starter kits, living expenses (as Kat will be working as a full time missionary!) other bits and bobs as needed, & serve as a means for people to fundraise their stylist-missions trips to Guatemala to help cut & teach! 

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